What we do

Here at Our Donation Station, we make it our focus to give people the freedom to share with others. We facilitate the giving away of items by providing categories to our users who can offer possessions they no longer have a use for or ask for items they are in need of that they expect others may have available.

We have two categories for providing information on potential exchanges, both of which allow the user to search for a match in their area or around the world.
Those looking for something, in particular, can use our “In search of” category to send out a request to the community for a particular item, allowing others to let the poster know if they have that item available or know someone who would be willing to provide that item free of charge.
Those looking to share something in their possession can send out a request to the community through our “Giving away” section, allowing others to see that this item is available if they have need of it.

We will police every post to make sure users follow all of our established rules, guaranteeing that everyone is providing the kind and genuine communication our site was built for.
Once the poster has found his or her match, it is up to the users to agree upon the details of the exchange. If the exchange is local, the pair can agree on a safe meeting place for the transfer. Shipping the item is also an option particularly for long-distance connections.

While Our Donation Station does not take any responsibility during the exchange process, we implore all of our users to prioritize safety and due diligence throughout the undertaking.
By providing these channels for clear and cooperative communication, Our Donation Station brings together people into communities for the common objective of embracing generosity, helping individuals find what they need and give away what they don’t.