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Please consider all the rules before posting on our forums. All posts are subject to review, and any violation will lead to immediate removal with the member subject to a ban from posting.

1. Stay within the spirit of the site – only free and legal offers.
Our Donation Station has a simple goal: to facilitate the movement of free items to those that need them. If you are looking to sell an item, there are other sites you can use for this practice. Any posts that include a price or a value to an offer are prohibited.
Members on the site should never send money to obtain an item offered on Our Donation Station. All money offers and demands should be reported.
We strictly forbid the offers of any explicit or illegal items. This includes any posts offering alcohol, firearms or any other weapons, profane or sexual content, tobacco, or medication of any kind.

2. Remain kind and respectful – no personal attacks or profanity.
We want to encourage a respectful atmosphere on this site where all feel included. For the sake of members of all ages and an inclusive atmosphere, we will not allow any rude behavior or hateful speech.
The use of profanity is also prohibited. Please be conscious of what you post and who will see your posts.

3. Keep posts focused on sharing – no personal ads, spam, or trading of items.
Our forums are not to be used for advertisement or self-promotion. Our focus is on embracing community. If you want to speak with others on our forums, keep the topics centered on sharing.
For the sake of all involved, only posts focused on the offer or request of items are allowed on our forums. To this end, any posts deemed spam or seen to be promoting an agenda are not allowed.
While the trading of items can be an engaging community experience, our site is not a trading website. There are other platforms for the exchange of items. If two people have an item they wish to share, they can offer them separately on the forums. Any offer to swap items should be reported.

4. Be vigilant and careful – stay safe throughout the process.
Our Donation Station intends to promote a safe and generous atmosphere for sharing, but it is important to be careful in all practices. All members of the Our Donation Station forums use the service at their own risk. Please take all precautions to protect yourself and your privacy, both when posting and participating in an exchange.
Forum users may arrange transfers as best suits their convenience. You should arrange a one-on-one exchange with a member of the forum at a safe location for pickup. Do not give out personal information including your phone number to anyone but the member you intend to share with.
Be sure to check up on members before any intended meetings. Choose a public location and consider bringing a friend for the exchange. Our Donation Station assumes no responsibility for the risk of exchange.